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Customization and Projects

Our premium service

As a flexible processing system, OCTOSTP supports multi-markets and can integrate with any front and back office system. We have been implemented successfully in many organizations of all sizes. Our R&D team tailors the OCTOSTP standard interfaces to meet the specific needs of each new client.

Our Implementation Included:

·         Standard Project Management and Professional Services

·         User Manual and Administrator Manual

·         System Implementation

·         User and Administrator Training[2hrs/Session]

·         Integration Test (End to End Test)

·         User Acceptance Test (Practice Session)

·         Market rehearsal on Saturday

·         testing support on Saturday

·         Parallel Run

·         Life Run

Business Handshake


Every business has their own needs and requirements. Our highly skilled professionals strive to satisfy client's need based on our model.

Women Colleagues


Our maintenance service is 24 hours in 7 days. As long as you have problems, we are here! Keep close relationship with our IT team.

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