FinReg Innovative Solution

What is FinReg Innovative Solution?

Recently, SFC has published several new and revised regulation rules to assess brokerage' securities trading activities. "FinReg Innovative Solution” is an innovative risk driven tool. It can assist brokerage firm in detecting abnormal trade, suspicious activities and money laundering. 

Why FinReg Innovative Solution?

Fail to comply with regulation might result in reputational damage and severe fines. By using FinReg Innovative Solution, your firm will stay up to date and be alerted with the most relevant regulations. Alerts will be shown visually at the dashboard. 


1. Big Data

2. Machine Learning

Make your database valueable
Drive your data more useful 

3. KYC Optimization

Deeply understand your client 

4. Free Text Matching

Reduce the noisy and increase accuracy 

5. Risk Base Driven

Make your system more humanised

Why FinReg?

Increase comparative advantage

Put more efforts into core values without worrying about regulation compliance



Save time and manpower on searching, reading, analyzing and tracking regulations



Assist in consolidating customer information from disparate systems

reduce operational risk

Protect your firm from risking on severe fines and penalties