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What is FinRegCheck Financial Solution?


With over 30 years in FinTech innovating, FinRegCheck is an automotive solution offering pre-transaction name screening services for multi-industries. This system is a cost effective online name searching for client on-boarding and providing you with updated databases of PEP & Sanctions information. FinRegCheck can guide you to fulfill compliance requirements and comply with AML/CTF regulations. We offer free version of the system and you are invited to engaged with our latest innovations.

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Our Solution for you:

  • Online name searching for client on-boarding

  • Customer ongoing name screening

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Our Advantages:

  • Daily monitoring on existing client

  • Auto system alert

  • Freehand monitoring

  • Competitive pricing

  • On-premises or SAAS package available

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Q: Is this free to use?

A: Yes, we have trial and free version, and they are both free of charge.


Q: Do I need to install software to my PC or mobile in order to use FinRegCheck?

A: No


Q: What do I need for FinRegCheck identity verification.

A: You need name card or personal ID for free version verification, name card or BR for standard version. You do not need any verification for trial version.


Q: Why I cannot find the results for some very well-known people that are being sanctioned?

A: FinRegCheck recognizes names that are published by the authorities, ie: you need to type English name for screening if the sanction list of origin is English speaking country.


Q: Do you have IT support for the use of FinReg Check?

A: Yes, you may raise a ticket to our email:


Q: Where is the FinRegCheck server?

A: We are using Cloud server for FinRegCheck.

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