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abc Multiactive as a market leader in RegTech which has over 30 years’ experience in providing professional financial IT services in Hong Kong. We conduct and prove the power of technology and connect global financial communities, serving more than 1000 institutions.
We provide a comprehensive IT service offering across the Regulatory Value Chain to the industry players across the globe.

Who need us



Securities Firm


Assets management

Risk management

Financial services company


Next Generation of KYC solution-
A central hub for Compliance & Operation

Why KYC+

All in one solution that enables financial institutions to formalize the regulatory compliance, onboarding processes for lifecycle management of clients, on-going monitoring and risk ranking.

KYC+ goes beyond initial client management and it takes a comprehensive lifetime cycle review of the client, enabling the financial institution to
execute data refreshes, conduct ongoing due diligence and use centralized data to support new regulatory obligations, as well as upsell and cross-sell opportunities.


What we do

Our Advantages

Comprehensive client lifecycle solutions

- Single account review and monitoring
- Centralization client’s data
- Transform data to compliance analysis
- Connect AML/ CFT name check solution to
  automate client on-boarding process

Remarkable client experience

- Local support with prompt response

- Experienced technical expertise in financial industry

- Client success management

- Customization friendly

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