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OCTOSTP is the most advanced and widely used solution for front and back-office trading in leading brokerages and securities divisions of local and international banks in Hong Kong. The trading package includes Order Routing, Credit Control, Transaction Settlement and On-line Trading.



OCTOSTP provides multi-market trade covering over 50 markets. Features include real time data inquiry and easy order placement. Also, OCTOSTP has connected to the Shanghai and Shen Zhen Hong Kong Stock.

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Real-time Risk Management:

  • Real-time margin calculation and credit checking of all orders. Auto Alert to relevant AE and Credit Controllers to reject or override all trading activities.

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Comprehensive Order Types

  • Rich set of order types for Manual Trade or Program Trade are provided, include Limit Order, Auction, MOC, OCO, OTO, MIT, Stop Loss, Up Trigger, Down Trigger, Up/Down Trigger and Market Order.

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Multi-Asset Class Management:

  • Cash Equities

  • Futures

  • Stock Options

  • Bond

  • Fund Transfer

  • Unit Trust

  • Funds

  • Structured Products

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Passed HKEX CMG E2E testing

OctoSTP has passed the OTP-C End-to-End (E2E) testing for phase 1 implementation of Cash Market Gateway (CMG) from Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx). We offer reliable and professional solution to securities companies.

Front Office

True Multi-markets Handling:

  • Flexible Market Control

  • Multi Execution Broker Connection

  • Fully automated solution with FIX

Total Risk Management

  • Unlimited User-definable and activatable Credit Rules

  • Dynamic setting on various levels (Markets, Instruments, Customers)

  • Real-time Margin Monitor

Order Management System (OMS):

  • AE / Dealer Work Bench

  • Control on Trading

  • Control on Order

  • E-Mail, SMS confirmation

Back Office

Powerful Order Processing:

  • True multi-markets handling for Global Stocks, Bonds, Notes, Unit Trusts

  • Trades entry & approval

  • e-IPO (Full Functions)

  • eMail Notification, Confirmation and statement

  • Post-trade allocation

Master Setting / e-FRR:

  • Flexible, user-definable settings for Markets, Instrument, Clients

  • Flexible AE commission calculation logics

  • Full accounting system integration and e-FRR enabled

Corporate Actions:

  • Full Cash, Bonus, Rights, Warrant, Split, Consolidation

  • Support Equity, Bonds, Unit Trusts


  • Full functions of Settlement via various choice of settlement methods

  • Manual or Fully automated

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